For DATA INTERPRETATION ,what i think that if your calculation speed is really good then 2 month is more than enough for CAT level preparation in DATA INTERPRETATION  section. So try to increase speed in calculating anything. There are so many short cut so use them. Try to remember table till 20,square of 2 till power 12 ,cube of 3 till power 12 and square from from 2 to 30.
                          There are one very important site for CAT preparation, So please go through that site its really nice site for CAT online preparation. But i will try my level best to make this section very informational.


I am telling you this because this will be third time that i am writing CAT . So if you care my word then good otherwise just ask to other guys. So go through above given link and try to solve online question as much as you can and KILL THAT CAT........lol