Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Aerial view of  floods
Kerala is very beautiful state of india because of people of state they are very supportive,gentle  and sweet.but after more than 100 years floods came and it had destroyed our beautiful state very badly.the development of kerla had downfall  almost 15 years this situation my country got united and helping our brothers and sisters in kerala.God had given so much pain to kerala but God has sent soldiers to save life of people . Soldiers is like God in this situation but they will not get credit for this unbelievable and daring work.they even don't see what will happen to their life but they are India Soldiers who can give life for our country .Even all state ,celebrity ,individual ,NGO, children etc. have started collecting money and donated in chief minister relief fund account to build our kerala a very beautiful state once more.but in this situation also some people started playing politics and spreds hate among different community .Someone has gave statment that we will help only when they will stop cow slaughter ,I want to ask I am a hindu but is people life is really more important than cow.i think you have to think many time before speaking like this.once SC had said that our word can kill someone ,it even destroy brotherhood of our country .So whoever had said this  don't spread hate if you can not spread very disturbing news came in time of india that christian people don't want to stay with sc & st people in camp.for people like you ,had you ever asked to soldiers who was airlifting from your home what is your catagory.if you belong from sc& st then I will stay in my home I will not come with will not say because that time your life was more important than anything so sir please think about country and our people before our religion .All religion is respected in our country so it's humble request from us.some political party started playing poltics that central government is not giving enough money for our state but 700 crore is not small amount first you have to spend this money then central government will definitely give money because kerala is our state we will build our state very please don't play politics and together we will solve this problem .we are brave we will work day and night we will love all people from all community.i am more confident that in few month only we will see smile on people of kerala.
  भारत माता की जय ।

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